Model Page

Our Mission

To enable businesses throughout the world to economically promote their product or brand at home or abroad.

To enable people (such as yourself as a model viewing this page) throughout the world to benefit by taking part in the promotional process on and off-line.

Model Profiles

Models create an online profile on this website and then add 'events' to a calendar. The 'events' will be occassions when you can wear a sponsor's promotional t-shirt in a public location (shopping mall, gym, sporting event, or while jogging, cycling, walking, etc.).

Sponsors place bids on Model's events (for a specific promotional t-shirt) and the Sponsor with the highest bid will post the appropriately sized t-shirt to the Post Office chosen by you in your profile. We do not record your address.

Models wear the t-shirt for the duration of the 'event' and have lots of photos taken and uploaded not only to this website but on social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.).

Getting Paid

Once a Model has shown proof of the 'event' by uploading photos to this website for the Sponsor to see, XposurePlus will pay the Model 75% of the amount bid by the Sponsor.

The amount will be paid by PayPal and you will get an email explaining how to access the money.

Photos uploaded to this website will be available for sale at low cost (initially for editorial purposes only) and this will be an extra revenue stream for the Model.

It is free to join

Use the menu on the right to join as a 'Model' and complete the online form.

Please ensure that your profile photo is the best you have because you have to compete for bids. Once logged-in, you can use the menu on the right to update your profile and replace your profile photo anytime.


Sponsors have been told to note that this is not a dating service or an introductory service. The Models are simply contracted by XposurePlus to wear a Sponsor's t-shirt and are not considered to be employed by or obligated in any way to the Sponsor.

We also ask the models not to bring disrepute to the Sponsor (or Sponsor's client) by behaving inappropriately while wearing the Sponsor's t-shirt.

More Information

Please also read the information on our Home Page to get an understanding of how XposurePlus works.

If you have an questions or concerns, or if your Country is not listed in the time-zone list in the sign-up form,, please use the Contact Form and we will answer your queries.

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