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Please understand that the models need to know that XposurePlus has taken steps to ensure their safety. If you are genuinely seeking to use the promotional services offered by the models, you should have no hesitation to provide this signed declaration.

I declare that I or any person employed or previously employed by my organisation, will:
  • NOT contact or visit (or attempt to contact or visit) the models at any address provided by XposurePlus (or close proximity),
  • Only use any address provided by XposurePlus for the purpose of posting promotional t-shirts (or other clothing such as a cap), and my company business cards and that no other form of correspondence or message will be included in the parcel,
  • NOT divulge, sell, give away, or leave in view, any name and address provided by XposurePlus apart from addressing a parcel for the purpose of posting promotional material and that I will safeguard any tracking receipt provided by the delivery service provider that may expose a name and address.
Date: 2018-02-24
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Why are we asking for your Company Details and a signed Declaration?

We need to know that you are who you say you are. If your bids (on a model's events) are winning bids you will be provided with an address to send your promotional t-shirts. We need to know to whom we are providing addresses. Any attempt by you or any person employed or previously employed by your organisation, to contact or visit the model at the address (or close proximity by following the model) provided is strictly prohibited and will be reported to the authorities as 'stalking and harassing'. Please only register on this website if you genuinely wish to use the promotional services offered by our Models. If you are genuine, we are sure that you will not object to providing the information we are asking.

Address and your Privacy

We promise not to share your address, telephone numbers, and email address with anyone, that would be totally uncool! We will use your email address for system and administration messages. We promise that information provided by you will not be used for any purpose other than checking the name against your XposurePlus profile. We promise that we will not attempt identity fraud or identity theft.

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Our models will promote your company's brand or product across their chests in public and will upload photos to this website and to social media websites.

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To enable businesses throughout the world to economically promote their product or brand at home or abroad.

To enable people throughout the world to benefit by taking part in the promotional process on and off-line.

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